Flotation Clothing Inspection Protocol

Your flotation clothing should be inspected:

  • After every immersion;
  •  Before and after use; 
  •  Whenever the integrity of the suit may be in doubt.

 The inspection should be visual, and cover the following points:

  • Check for excessive wear or damage to the material, particularly stiffness, discoloration, burns, tears, holes and frayed or separating edges; 
  • Check for separation of seams, and broken or missing stitching.
  • Check for separation of the interlining 
  • Check for missing or damaged stitching or fasteners on the lining fabric of the item;
  • Check for condition of the waist belt webbing, particularly fraying, checks, cuts, tears, burns, or damage from misuse; 
  • Check for condition of plastic fastening and adjusting hardware on all webbing;
  • Check for missing or damaged hood drawstring (jacket); 
  • Check that all cuff and thigh closure webbing straps are intact and secure; 
  • Check the reflective tapes for excessive fraying, broken stitching, tears, separations, or missing reflective material.
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