16G Belt Pack

16g Belt Pack

MODEL: MD401S | MSRP: $74.95


For the ultimate low profile fit, the 16G Belt Pack is the way to go. Its compact design and pillow-style bladder provide a design buoyancy 15.5 lbs of flotation. Pull the 'JERK' tab to inflate, then pull attachment strap over head to secure. Use this belt pack in your pack raft, on your SUP, or while racing. The compact size includes two D-ring attachment points and a signal whistle.




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Design Insights:

  • Manual operated bladder style inflatable Type V belt pack life jacket
  • Provides 16.5 lbs 13 oz of flotation when inflated
  • Slim comfortable style for all-day use
  • Moveable D-ring on the waist belt for keys or other small items
  • 16 gr CO2 cylinder included
  • USCG Type V
  • Compatible with 16G Manual Re-arm Kit and Mustang Re-arm Kit Type J (MA3070)

Proposition 65 WARNING for California residents: click here

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