When Does my Re-Arm Kit Expire?

The expiry for our automatic Re-Arm Kits:

Halkey Roberts Re-Arm Kits have an 'install by date' (found on the back of the Re-Arm Kit packaging) and should not be purchased after this date. This 'install by' date is not the expiration of the bobbin itself. There is shelf life (install by date) and service life for the bobbins in the rearm kit. Once installed, the bobbin expires after three years of service for recreational use and two years of service for industrial uses. However, it may break down faster depending on the user's care and maintenance of their vest. For example, if you are in a moist environment, your bobbin may degrade faster and need to be taken out of service to avoid surprise inflation. This variability of use and care is why bobbin checks before each excursion are important!

The expiry for our hydrostatic Re-Arm Kits:​

The Hammar Re-Arms expire on the last day of the calendar year, printed on the cap of the re-arm kit. For example, 2024 means it expires on December 31, 2024. 

The expiry for our manual Re-Arm Kits:

CO2 canisters never expire. However, you should take them out of service if they are corroded, dented, or rusted in any way. If your re-arm kit requires the use of a bobbin for manual rearming as well, please ensure that you monitor your bobbin and ensure it is in good service to avoid surprise inflation.


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