Why do I have to replace my inflator if it is expired but still in good condition?

We cannot guarantee that an inflator past its expiry date will still function properly. Our devices are not tested or certified to use expired inflators, and an expired inflator may not work when you need it most. An expired inflator also voids its approval with the US Coast Guard and Transport Canada.

Please be aware that the inflator may still indicate 'Green' past its expiry date. Due to each country's regulations, if you get inspected on the water and the inflator is past its expiry date, you could face fines for not having the proper safety devices on board.

Our inflatable REC products are all approved. This approval means that we must follow and adhere to specific guidelines during the product's construction. These guidelines satisfy the US or Canadian regulations (as applicable to the product) when using your device on the water. They also specify a maximum age of inflator for your product. You (the user) are responsible for maintaining the product in working order. 


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